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by Pippy McDingal
08 Jun 2021, 16:23
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Topic: Sworn Deputy Application - Pippy McDingal [DENIED]
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Sworn Deputy Application - Pippy McDingal [DENIED]



Section 1: Personal Details
  • 1.1 Name: Pippy McDingal
  • 1.2 Date of Birth: 20/Oct/1995
  • 1.3 Place of Birth: Belfast
  • 1.4 Gender: Female
  • 1.5 Height: 5'5"
  • 1.6 Weight: 70kg
  • 1.7 Phone Number: 3057745
  • 1.8 Place of Residence: N/A
Section 2: Proof of Residence/License
  • 2.1 Proof of Residence: N/A
  • 2.2 Proof of License:
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Section 3: Questionnaire
  • 3.1 What are the qualities that would distinguish you as a deputy? (100 words)
  • I am very hardworking; I always ensure that when I work, I do it with pride, and I enjoy the challenges working can bring. I'm very dedicated and will focus my full attention on being the best sheriff I can be. I am a very friendly person, and I love meeting new people, I try my best to be talkative and have a good sense of humour, which helps keep a light and cheerful atmosphere. I keep calm in all situations and I do not get hot tempered if there are difficult situations at hand. People can always count on me as a friend and a co-worker because I am a reliable person to be around. I like to be honest with everything I do, and am a trustworthy and professional person.
  • 3.2 What are your weaknesses that might impact your employment with this Department negatively? (75 words)
  • The main weaknesses that I think could potentially affect my employment is my driving. While I'm not the world's worst driver, I accept that I would definitely benefit from further driving practice. Luckily Driving is something I practice daily and so with time and effort my skills will improve, especially after spending time with other members of the department and watching them drive. Also having lived in the UK I'm not super experienced in all the differences here in America, but I am sure that in time I'll know the city like the back of my hand and I'm sure working in the sheriff's department will speed this process up.
  • 3.3 What are the main things you want to achieve, once you join this Department? (75 words)
  • The main thing I want to achieve is to make an impact on the community. I want to help my fellow citizens to be able to go about their daily business and feel safe and protected. I would like to help bring criminals to justice, and make sure their crimes do not go unpunished. During my time in the city I have met so many helpful and friendly people, but unfortunately I have also been the victim of a lot of crime too. I want to be there to protect and serve this wonderful city in the hope that I can help reduce crime. I would also like to progress in my professional life and work my way up to be the best I can be.
    • 3.4 Provide a background of yourself (100 words)
    • My name Is Pippy McDingal, I was born in Belfast, Ireland, and moved all the way to Los Santos recently. When I moved to this city, I got robbed many times, despite trying my hardest to stay safe and earn an honest living. I have also been assaulted many times by reckless thugs. These traumatic events are what has led me to applying for a job in the sheriff's department, as although I have been working hard as a lumberjack, the lumberyard just doesn't feel safe anymore. My personality is friendly, inviting and welcoming, and I treat everybody I see with a smile and a warm welcome and I just want to put that positivity into this beautiful city I am in. I have had many jobs from trucking, mining and lumber work and I am a quick learner and a hard worker.
    ((Section 4: OOC Information))
    • 4.1 Mafia City Profile Link:
    • 4.2 Discord Username: Leppz#6774
    • 4.3 Gender: Female
    • 4.4 Nationality: UK
    • 4.5 Age: 26
    • 4.6 Have you met all OOC prerequisites found in the information topic?: Yes
    • 4.7 Do you affirm that you understand the server rules of Mafia City Roleplay?: Yes
    • 4.8 Please provide a screenshot of your punishments on the UCP:
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    • 4.9 Do you affirm that you are fluent in English?: Yes
    • 4.10 Additional Information:
    Section 5: Acknowledgement Form
    • I certify that I am at least 20 years old.
    • I certify that I am a citizen of San Andreas.
    • I certify that I have not committed a felony crime, nor committed any misdemeanor involving the commission of an act contrary to the moral conscience of the general public.
    • I certify that I do not abuse prescription drugs and/or alcohol. I also certify that I do not use illegal drugs.
    • I certify that I have not falsified any information I have or will provide on this application.
    I, Pippy McDingal, by my signature below, do certify that as of the date indicated below, I am able to meet the following eligibility standards for the San Andreas Sheriff's Department I understand that I can be denied for any reason deemed necessary by the Sheriff's Office. I also state that all the information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    DATE: 08/JUN/2021