[Information] Sales of Firearms Permit [OPEN]

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[Information] Sales of Firearms Permit [OPEN]

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Firearms Licensing Division
Information on the Sales of Firearms (SOF) Permit

Table of Contents
  • SECTION I: Purpose, Requirements & Prerequisites, and Application Process
  • SECTION II: Suspensions and Revocations
  • SECTION III: Application Form

SECTION I: Purpose, Requirements & Prerequisites, and Application Process

A. Purpose
  • The purpose of the Sales of Firearms (SoF) Permit is to regulate and lawfully permit San Andreas business owners to sell legal firearms, attachments, and ammunition to the licensed public.

    In San Andreas, you will need both the SoF Permit and the Firearms Distribution License (FDL) from the License Bureau of the Department of Justice to be able to legally sell weapons or weapon-related items.

    The store owner is encouraged to set up measures to safeguard their own gun store from robberies. This will include:
    • Having a functioning alarm system including glass protection and panic buttons.
    • Having a functioning security TV system that covers all points of vulnerability within the store (entrances and exits). Make sure the footage is back up regularly as well.
    • Have a response plan in case a burglary should happen
B. Requirements & Prerequisites
  • Those applying for a SoF Permit must meet the following requirements:
    • Must be the age of 18 or higher.
    • Must have a Firearms license.
    • Must follow all laws and regulations issued by the State of San Andreas and the San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
    • Must permit the San Andreas Sheriff's Department to conduct regular and random spot checks on your business and employees regarding the sales of weapons or ammunition.
    • Must be a legal resident of San Andreas.
    • Must possess a valid driver's license issued by San Andreas.
    • Must not have been convicted of any felonies or aggravating, aggressive, drug-related, and/or weapon-related misdemeanors, as well as:
      • Fraud
      • Forgery
      • Impersonating a Police Officer
    • Must have not been adjudicated as mentally defective or committed to a mental institution (the term "commitment" does not include voluntary admission or admission for the purpose of observation) (unless the adjudication/commitment has been overturned).
    • Must not have been dishonorably discharged by any form of armed forces.
    • Must not have outstanding tickets.
    • Must not be an unlawful user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance.
    • Must pay an application fee of $25,000.
C. Application Process
  1. Before applying for the SoF Permit, you must read the following documents:
  2. Complete the application supplied below and submit it in the appropriate section. Duplicate applications may result in your application being withdrawn and denied.
  3. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by a member of the Firearms Licensing Division and they will provide you with further instructions.
    • Revise your application to amend any minor inconsistencies or errors (if applicable).
    • Pay an exam submission fee of $25,000 to the PayAll ID provided (see here) Only e-payment is accepted, which is done through the PayAll app on the phone. The fee is non-refundable.
    • Once the payment has been made, you will be sent the Sales of Firearms Permit exam which you must complete with 48 hours.
  4. If you pass the exam, you will be notified. You will then need to proceed to the SD station in Paleto to have your fingerprints taken. Approach any Deputy at the counter to have this done.
  5. Once your fingerprints are taken, post a response in the application form. Your license will then be activated within 72 hours and sent to you in the mail in three to ten business days. (( You can roleplay having received your license in the mail after it is activated. ))
NOTE: An applicant should only contact a member of the Firearms Licensing Division for clarification with information or with questions. Contacting any officer in regards to reviewing your application faster will result in your application being denied.

SECTION II: Suspensions and Revocations

A. Suspensions
  • As outlined in the Los Santos penal code, certain criminal conduct is punishable by a mandatory suspension of the holder's relevant licenses. A person's license may be suspended twice before their SoF Permit is revoked and they are banned from reapplying for a new permit.
B. Revocations
  • The Firearms Licensing Division reserves the right to lawfully revoke SoF Permit. Permit revocations may be appealed to the Firearms Licensing Division command team provided the permit was not revoked due to convicted criminal conduct. A SoF Permit will be revoked if the licensee:
    • Has had their Firearms license revoked.
    • Has their Firearms Distribution License revoked.
    • Unjustifiably displays or discharges a firearm.
    • Meets any of the ineligibility criteria outlined in Section I: B.
    • Distributes firearms, whether legal or illegal, or any firearms-related items outside of a lawfully registered business property in an improper, unsafe, or unlawful manner.
    • (( Is killed following a shootout with police. ))

SECTION III: Application Form


Code: Select all

[SoF Permit] Firstname Lastname

Code: Select all

[size=125]SALE OF FIREARMS PERMIT[/size]
[size=115]APPLICATION FORMAT[/size][/b][/center]

[divbox=white][b]Section 1: Personal Details[/b][/divbox]

[list=none][b]1.1 Name: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]1.2 Date of Birth: [/b]DD/MMM/YYYY
[*][b]1.3 Place of Birth: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]1.4 Phone Number: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]1.5 Place of Residence: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]1.6 Self-Portrait: [/b]ANSWER
[size=75]Please attach a front-facing portrait photograph of yourself 
(Show your full face clearly, without a hat or headgear that obscures 
the hair/hairline, taken within the last 30 days)[/size][/list]

[divbox=white][b]Section 2: Proof of Residence/License[/b][/divbox]

[list=none][b]2.1 Proof of Driving License:[/b] ANSWER
[*][b]2.2 Proof of PF/CCW License:[/b] ANSWER
[*][b]2.3 Proof of Residence[/b][/list]

[divbox=white][b]Section 3: Questionnaire[/b][/divbox]
[list=none][b]3.1 Explain how you think the Los Santos Penal Code assist and/or can be improved upon in controlling firearms distribution and protecting legal firearm users (50 words).[/b][/list]


[list=none][b]3.2 Do you affirm that you have read and understood the content in the Firearms Usage Manual?[/b][/list]
[list=none][-] Yes
[-] No

[list=none][b]3.3 Do you affirm that you meet all of the requirements and prerequisites as outlined in Section I: B of the Information on the Sales of Firearms Permit?[/b][/list]
[list=none][-] Yes
[-] No

[list=none][b]3.4Have you ever had a firearms license of any kind suspended or revoked?[/b][/list]
[list=none][-] Yes
[-] No

[b]If yes, explain the circumstances behind the action taken:[/b] ANSWER

[divbox=white][b]Section 4: Business Information[/b][/divbox]

[list=none][b]4.1 Business Name:[/b] ANSWER
[*][b]4.2 Business Address: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]4.3Business Owner: [/b]ANSWER
[*][b]4.4 Full photograph of business exterior: [/b]ANSWER[/list]

[divbox=white][b]Section 5:Acknowledgment Form[/b][/divbox]

[list=none]By signing below, the applicant affirms the following:
[list]They are responsible for the safe storage and distribution of retail weapons, of which the San Andreas Sheriff's Department has a lawful duty to ensure and enforce, and do have a civil responsibility to report any unlawful use and/or storage of their weapon or other weapons to the police.
[*]They are responsible for any injury, damage, or death done to a person or property which, by the laws of San Andreas, may or may not result in legal consequences against them.
[*]The information that has been provided in this application is true, correct, and accurate to the best of their knowledge and beliefs and that they have read and do understand and agree to the terms, regulations, and conditions relevant to the license they are applying for. Any violation of terms, regulations, and/or conditions can and will result in the suspension or revocation of their license(s) and/or legal action taken against them.
[*]Terms, regulations, and/or conditions may change unexpectedly and without notification, and it is their duty to remain updated on any changes that occur.
[*]They understand that the mandatory exam submission fee of $25,000 for the SoF permit is non-refundable regardless of whether they pass or fail the exam.
[*]The San Andreas Sheriff's Department is not responsible for the misuse of a firearm or the breach of terms, regulations, and/or conditions relating to firearms usage.
[*]The Firearms Licensing Division may conduct scheduled or unscheduled inspections and/or searches on the listed business to ensure that safety policies are being adhered to.[/list][/list]

[b]Name:[/b] (Printed) Forename Surname
[b]Date:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
[b]Signature:[/b] Forename Surname

Please do not submit more than one application at a time. Post your application HERE